For 2017 I have accepted the role to chair the Osceola County Association of REALTORS® – Global Alliance Committee. Having served on this committee for the past 6 years, as chair in 2013, co-chairs in 2011 & 2016; I’ve seen this committee evolve and grow from strength to strength. Thanks to all the past chairs1, committee members, OSCAR’s Executive Director2 and her support staff that contributed to getting us here.


Going forward, one or the main objective of our committee is to reach out, involve, educate and inform our general membership as to our role, our vision and our activities. I look forward to accomplishing this in concert with my vice-chair, Teresa Reilly-O’Doherty and the other members of the committee3.


The “Purpose Statement” for the Global Alliance Committee (GAC) as handed down by the Board is as follows:-

“The purpose of the Global Alliance Committee is to position Osceola County Association of REALTORS® members internationally as the most influential and authoritative representative of the Florida real estate business and profession; to provide members with exposure within the international arena as well as an opportunity to be part of an international network that will generate business and contracts; to open new international real estate markets for members; to raise awareness among members of the impact and opportunity of international real estate within their local domestic markets and of the tools available to them to support this business and help them recognize risk; and to minimize barriers to U.S. REALTORS® operating abroad and foreign investments in Florida

real estate.”

Using the above as our template the GAC worked backwards to develop our strategic plan which was approved at our first meeting held 02/20/17. Here are some of the things we will be pursuing during the course of 2017 and we look forward to your support and participation.


2017 Global Alliance Strategic Plan

•            Global Alliance Luncheon Networking Event

•            Participation at the Florida REALTORS® Convention

•            Biannual Global Education Forum/Mixer

•            Efforts to achieve the NAR Platinum Award for the                         4th year running,

•            Develop & update marketing materials

•            Undertake events to grow the Global Disaster Relief                         Fund (GDRF)

•            Begin work for undertaking a Trade Mission to                                     Canada

•            Position the committee to undertake a “Black-Tie”                         Gala by 2020.


In order to achieve these goals my committee members have stepped up big time with individuals taking ownership of specific deliverables. This approach will undoubtedly help the committee as a whole achieve more; especially given the depth of experience, knowledge, past committee involvement, etc. of the members that comprise the committee.


1.            JOHN GOLDSBOROUGH – Efforts to achieve the                                     NAR Platinum Award

2.            JASON DAUGHERTY – Develop & Update                                     marketing materials

3.            IVETTE JIMENEZ –Increase awareness to the roles                         and functions of the GAC

4.            TINA CAMPBELL – Sponsors that do business with                                     international clients / markets

5.            STANIMIRA DELCHEVA / LESLIE ZIMMERLY – Florida                         Realtor Convention

6.            TINA CAMPBELL – 2017 LUNCHEON

7.            TERESA REILLY-O’DOHERTY – 1ST Lunch & Learn                                     Event

8.            IMRAN & TERESA – Prepare for Trade Mission to                                     Canada.

9.            IMRAN & TERESA – Develop GAC’s year-end event to                         be a “Black Tie” event by 2020

10.            IMRAN & TERESA – Increase funding
activities, awareness and distribution – Global Disaster                         Relief Fund (GDRF)


Committee members have been urged to involve the OSCAR membership at large to help complete their deliverable/s. If you are called upon or wish to volunteer please note that your input will be very much appreciated.


1 Past Chairs – Angel Ortiz, Imran Mohamed, Shelly Freeman, Jason Daugherty, John Goldsborough.

2 OSCAR’s Executive Director – Carol Platt

3 Committee Members: Imran mohamed (C), Teresa Reilly-O’Doherty (VC), Stanimira Delcheva, Jason Daugherty, Maria Flores-Garcia, John Goldsborough, Ivette Jimenez, Kelvis Melo, Pedro Lugo, Leslie Zimmerly, Sandy Dore, Franklin Mateo, Angel Ortiz, Tina Campbell, Elizabeth Quinones, Mary Medina.

Written by Imran Mohamed

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